Volume 2, Number 1

High-Performance Double Boost DC-DC Converter Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller
Moe Moe Lwin, Yangon Technological University, Myanmar

Fabrication of Di-Wheel by Computational and Experimental Approach
Abhishek Chouhan, Adarsh Prajapati, Balashish Dubolia, Dayanand Kumar Gupta, Deepesh Kumar Ratra, Shivam Singh and Vivek Shukla, Malwa Institute of Science & Technology, India

Design and Development of a Lead Screw Gripper For Robotic Application
Krithikanand Krishnamoorthy, Engineering services professional & Individual researcher, India

Mechatronic Capstone Design Course
Kevin Craig, Hofstra University, USA

Mechatronic Model-Based Design Applied to an H-Bot Robot
Kevin Craig, Hofstra University, USA