Volume 1, Number 1

A Theoretical Design of a Combined Air and Ground Unmanned Vehicle for Search and Follow a Disaster
Yazen.H Shakir, University of Leeds, UK

Multishape Task Scheduling Algorithm for Real Time Micro-Controller Based Application
Ankur Jain, ABV-IIITM, India

Analysis of Human Intuition Towards Artificial Intuition Synthesis for Robotics
Octavio Diaz-Hernandez and Victor J. Gonzalez-Villela, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, Mexico

Implementation of Kalman Filter on Visual Tracking Using PID Controller
Abdurrahman,F, Gunawan Sugiarta and Feriyonika, Bandung State of Polytechnic, Indonesia

Using Simpler Algorithm for Cavity Flow Problem
S. Hosseinzadeh1, R. Ostadhossein1, H.R. Mirshahvalad1 and J. Seraj2, 1Islamic Azad University, Iran and 2Sharif
University of Technology, Iran