About Us

NNN is an emerging peer-reviewed, academic OA publisher. Our mission is to disseminate novel scientific and technical information to the academia and industry in all fields of academic study.

NNN was established in 2020 as a service provider to the research community and continues to deliver the best in a most cost-effective manner. NNN Net Solutions offers a variety of services to the research and learning community. We primarily focuses on knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services that cater to the publishing, education, finance, information accounting, marketing, and design requirements for the scientific community.

NNN provides project management services, especially for books and journals.

We provide complete publications services for publications which include:

  • Act as a bridge between authors, editors and publishers.
  • Editing and Typesetting services.
  • Printing & publishing digital and hard copies of books.
  • Cover and Page Design.
  • Distribution and Composition.
  • Academic journal production processes which include FTP download, and automatic acknowledgement, alerts.
  • Developing a processing system for paper submission for international journals and conferences.
  • Develop a review process system for international journals and conferences.
  • Journal-specific style and language requirements for Journals.
  • Indexing Services to journals / Books
  • Service Composition

    We offer full-service composition in an XML environment for convenient print or online delivery. We use automated software and digitally merge text and art into complex pages built consistently under very strict formatting guidelines. We believe composition should be driven by XML coding. XML is also a standard archival format that allows us to automate many processes. We accept files in any format, including TeX, and we can link to online peer review systems, allowing files to be moved seamlessly into production after acceptance. Metadata can be captured in an automated fashion from peer review systems or the publisher’s own tracking software. In addition, you can view information on all work in progress using our online tracking system.

    Editorial Service Guide

    We provide content- and line-editing, project development and management, proofreading, copy-editing, and ancillary services. We also support on print and on-line projects such as web sites development for corporate and small business, scholarly articles, and books.

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